The Dressmaker


One juicy 1950s revenge tale with bags of personality and social satire.

Exiled as a child for a murder she didn’t commit, Tilly Dunnage has always felt a shadow hanging over her life.

Now, 20 years later, Tilly has returned to her rural Australian hometown and she has a point to prove.

But can the small-minded residents really put the past behind them?

And what are they prepared to lose if they can’t?

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Couldn’t believe this was a debut novel!

Two sisters never to meet, bound by blood but not by fate.

Effia, beautiful and strong, has been living a lie.

Esi, defiant and lonely, lives in blissful ignorance of what’s to come.

One is destined to be a slave traders wife, the other a slave bound for the Americas.

And so our story begins, panning seven generations and three continents – this is a tale of identity and humanity unlike any other.

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The Essex Serpent


Completely Flawless!

When a body is washed up from the Blackwater, old rumours start to circle again in Essex. The serpent has awoken, they say.

With leathery wings and snapping beak, it has returned to wreak divine judgement upon us all.

But pragmatic local vicar William Ransome is unconvinced, fearing the creature to be a symptom of his parish’s flight from faith.

Only with the help of newly widowed naturalist, Cora Seaborne can he hope to dispel the gossip.

But as the pair stumble deeper into their investigation, can even the Essex Serpent distract them from their growing mutual attraction?

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The Winter Crown


“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Sir John Dalberg-Acton

Repeatedly marginalised and humiliated by a husband who excessively hoards power, Eleanor’s patience is wearing thin.

Not a woman to be easily crossed, she has grown used to biding her time.

But Henry’s actions will have their consequences and he will yet need his wife in ways even he cannot imagine.

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Elephant Moon


“To the refugees who fled Burma in 1942 and the elephant men and their elephants, who did their best to save them” – John Sweeney.

It’s early 1942 and British occupied Rangoon has fallen to the Japanese.

For Grace Collins and her school of 62 Anglo-Burmese orphans, these are desperate times.

Their only hope is India and fast – the monsoon rain will soon be upon them, making the trek impossible.

But with an onset of tragedies, options dwindle to nothing – until an unlikely herd of rescuers cross their path.

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The Secret Life of Bees


Quite honestly one of my favourite books I’ve read all year!

Lily has always had a huge hole in her heart – one that only a mother’s love can fill.

Believing that she accidentally killed her mother when she was four has been a heavy burden to carry.

But ten years on, Lily wants answers.

And when racial tensions explode one summer afternoon in 1964 – she may just have found the chance to chase them. But is she ready to hear the truth…

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The Last Kingdom


Sublime writing from a true master of historical fiction!

Born a Saxon, raised a Dane – Uhtred, son of Uhtred, is many things to many people.

Usurped lord; pagan; warrior; husband; political spy – but who does Uhtred want to be?

To the viking raiders he is a brother and to his people, hope.

To Alfred he is political pawn and the church, a damned blasphemer.

But to England, he might just be an unlikely saviour.

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