Mistress of the Art of Death


Exquisite! Unlike any novel I have read of this time period.

When little Peter is found murdered on the banks of the Cam, rumours spread that the Jews are to blame.

One is lynched. His wife torn apart by the same vengeful mob.

But as more children disappear, it’s clear the killer is still at large and a vexed Henry II wants answers.

What he unwittingly gets is Vesuvia Adelia Rachel Ortese Aguilar, doctor of Salerno and practised in the study of death and decay.

But can Adelia and her team catch the culprit, before the killer finds them?

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Empires in the Sun: The Struggle for the Mastery of Africa


In the mad scramble for power, what will be lost and what will be gained?

From the Algerian Conquest to South African Apartheid, witness the shaping of a continent that was bribed, bullied and dragged into subservience and fought for its independence.

Along the way, we will meet the unsung visionaries, opportunists, nationalists, liberals and oppressors who clambered to impose their will on African shores.

Eloquent and erudite, the narrator will take you deep into the heart of this African tale. A tale quite different, perhaps, from the glossy versions you have heard before.

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The Underground Railroad


Cora can run but can she hide?

Ridgeway, The Slave Catcher. There was a man to be feared.

Infamous, cunning and brutal – no runaway from the Randall Plantation has ever escaped him. No runaway except Cora’s mother.

So when recently arrived Caesar plots of escape, there’s only one slave he’s set on bringing as his lucky charm.

But Ridgeway is a brooding man. Spurred on by hatred for Mabel, he will track her daughter and her companions to the very edges of the new world.

Unless, of course, they can find some way to evade him…

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The Last Viking


The forgotten story of 1066

1066, the year Duke William of Normandy became famed as a conqueror.

The Battle of Hastings is one of the great foundation stones of English history.

But another battle took place that year.

One that, though not as well remembered, was equally instrumental in sealing English fate.

It has its own heroes and champions, most of which are forgotten from your school textbook.

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Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China


One of the first books to really give the world an insight into 20th century China.

Three women, three generations and one epic journey through time.

A grandmother, sold by her father to become a concubine to a warlord general.

A mother, who gave everything she had to fight for a better China with the Communist Party.

And a daughter, disillusioned by politics and desperate to break out into the world.

Over 80 years of Chinese history beautifully packaged and masterfully retold.

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All The Light We Cannot See


“Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.”

Unable to escape the mines that claimed his father’s life, the future appears bleak for orphaned dreamer Werner.

Blind since the age of six, curious Marie-Laure has always lived a sheltered life full of mystery and puzzles.

Little do they realise that seismic events are about to shift everything they thought they knew.

And when the tide of war sweeps them away, they will finally learn the truth about redemption, loyalty and sacrifice.

But most importantly, they’ll learn that their fates are inescapably intertwined.

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The Dressmaker


One juicy 1950s revenge tale with bags of personality and social satire.

Exiled as a child for a murder she didn’t commit, Tilly Dunnage has always felt a shadow hanging over her life.

Now, 20 years later, Tilly has returned to her rural Australian hometown and she has a point to prove.

But can the small-minded residents really put the past behind them?

And what are they prepared to lose if they can’t?

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