All The Light We Cannot See


“Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.”

Unable to escape the mines that claimed his father’s life, the future appears bleak for orphaned dreamer Werner.

Blind since the age of six, curious Marie-Laure has always lived a sheltered life full of mystery and puzzles.

Little do they realise that seismic events are about to shift everything they thought they knew.

And when the tide of war sweeps them away, they will finally learn the truth about redemption, loyalty and sacrifice.

But most importantly, they’ll learn that their fates are inescapably intertwined.

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Elephant Moon


“To the refugees who fled Burma in 1942 and the elephant men and their elephants, who did their best to save them” – John Sweeney.

It’s early 1942 and British occupied Rangoon has fallen to the Japanese.

For Grace Collins and her school of 62 Anglo-Burmese orphans, these are desperate times.

Their only hope is India and fast – the monsoon rain will soon be upon them, making the trek impossible.

But with an onset of tragedies, options dwindle to nothing – until an unlikely herd of rescuers cross their path.

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The Regeneration Trilogy


Named one of the 10 best historical novels by The Observer in 2012.

The year is 1917, and as World War I rages on the continent, up in Craiglockhart War Hospital psychiatrist Dr. William Rivers is treating casualties with shell-shock.

He knows his charge: he must patch up these men ready to send them back to the front.

And yet, the closer he gets to his patients, the harder he must fight his conscience.

The Regeneration Trilogy is a deeply powerful and brutal retelling of the war that changed everything.

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A stunning end to a wonderful series - compassion, tragedy and espionage.

A stunning end to a wonderful series – compassion, tragedy and espionage.

The year is 1938. Reckless and callous, Mari is forced to leave her quiet New Zealand home in disgrace. The tenacious 18 year old vows to return in glory… but she’s heading for England and for war.

Lesley Pearse has once again cracked it, with a superb final instalment to the fabulous Belle Trilogy.

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The Promise

Stunning novel by Lesley Pearse

Stunning novel by Lesley Pearse

It’s July 1914 and Belle Reilly is completely oblivious of the international train wreck that is about to devour her happy domestic sphere and the lives of millions. But this is not your average war story filled with the pitfalls of classic clichés.

Author Lesley Pearse’s twentieth novel, The Promise, has finally allowed her to indulge in her long-held passion for WWI. This combined with her extensive research has allowed her to construct a uniquely beautiful and distinct narrative.

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