Sugar Money


Based on actual events of a 1765 plot by French Mendicant friars.

Brothers Lucien and Emile, divided by their age, outwardly appear opposites.

And so, when coerced by French masters into a dangerous rescue mission, it’s unsurprising they react differently.

Lucien, young and unaware of the peril, is desperate to play hero and prove himself.

Emile, much older and more worldly, is far more reluctant but cannot miss a chance to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart – whose fate he fears and longs to learn of in equal measure.

Can the brothers overcome the insurmountable odds and save their friends or have they just been sent to their deaths?

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Couldn’t believe this was a debut novel!

Two sisters never to meet, bound by blood but not by fate.

Effia, beautiful and strong, has been living a lie.

Esi, defiant and lonely, lives in blissful ignorance of what’s to come.

One is destined to be a slave traders wife, the other a slave bound for the Americas.

And so our story begins, panning seven generations and three continents – this is a tale of identity and humanity unlike any other.

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The Essex Serpent


Completely Flawless!

When a body is washed up from the Blackwater, old rumours start to circle again in Essex. The serpent has awoken, they say.

With leathery wings and snapping beak, it has returned to wreak divine judgement upon us all.

But pragmatic local vicar William Ransome is unconvinced, fearing the creature to be a symptom of his parish’s flight from faith.

Only with the help of newly widowed naturalist, Cora Seaborne can he hope to dispel the gossip.

But as the pair stumble deeper into their investigation, can even the Essex Serpent distract them from their growing mutual attraction?

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The Linnet Bird

A truly rare and sublime feat of storytelling!

A truly rare and sublime feat of storytelling!

The year is 1823 and on the streets of Liverpool Linny Gow is a child impoverished and exploited by her stepfather.

But Linny has big ambitions and, if one thing is certain, it’s that she should never be underestimated.

From the dark squalor of Back Phoebe Anne Street to the vibrant hustle and bustle of Calcutta – this is an epic tale of passion, deprivation and inner strength.

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The Signature of All Things

Brilliantly original, a real quirky page-turner!

Brilliantly original, a real quirky page-turner!

Alma Whittaker’s pragmatic mind has always hungered for knowledge and the challenge of a puzzle.

But when botanical artist Ambrose Pike turns up at her quiet Philadelphia home, he appears to be a puzzle too far.

Torn from her beloved books and studies, Alma finds herself thrust onto an adventure that will take her across the globe and shake the foundations of everything she thought she knew.

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The Tea Planter’s Wife


“Oh! What a tangle web we weave when we first practice to deceive” – Sir Walter Scott, Marmion.

 When at just nineteen, newly married Gwen steps off a boat in 1920s Ceylon, she may as well be steeping into another world.

One which is bright, vivid and full of possibilities with a new husband she adores.

But this new world has many secrets and so does this new husband.

As her life unravels before her, it’s time for this naive young girl to figure out what to stand by and who to trust.

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