The Underground Railroad


Cora can run but can she hide?

Ridgeway, The Slave Catcher. There was a man to be feared.

Infamous, cunning and brutal – no runaway from the Randall Plantation has ever escaped him. No runaway except Cora’s mother.

So when recently arrived Caesar plots of escape, there’s only one slave he’s set on bringing as his lucky charm.

But Ridgeway is a brooding man. Spurred on by hatred for Mabel, he will track her daughter and her companions to the very edges of the new world.

Unless, of course, they can find some way to evade him…

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The Last Woman Standing


Loud, crass and I just adore her! Adams’ depiction of Josephine is a real triumph.

At 3pm on 26th October 1881, nine men stepped out to face each other.

The gunfight at the O.K. Corral will last just 30 seconds.

Three will die, two will run, three will be injured and one man will still be standing without a scratch.

One man shall become immortalised in the most famous shootout of the Wild West. But what sort of woman can tame such a man?

Well, Josephine Marcus might just know…

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The Midwife’s Revolt

Newly widowed and shunned, Lizzie Boylston finds solace in two things: her work as a midwife and her friendship with Abigail Adams.

Simply perfection

Simply perfection

So when Abigail’s family is threaten by a sinister anti-patriot plot, Lizzie throws herself into a delicate game of cat and mouse to catch the culprits.

But who is her ally and who is a traitor?

And will the handsome charms of Mr Cleverly or the roguish attentions of Mr Miller be enough to distract her from her cause?

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