The Edge of Dark


Be careful what you wish for and more careful still what you promise.

Sorting through her late Aunt’s papers, Roz Acclam makes a startlingly discovery.

Everything she thought she knew about her family’s death was a lie.

As one deception turns to many, Roz seeks refuge in a new job in York.

But her solace quickly becomes a nightmare.

Increasingly pulled into a another woman’s life and time, Roz can feel her reality slipping away from her and the marriage she longs to save with it.

As their worlds continue to collide, and the secrets come spilling out, how can she stop the pain of the past poisoning the future she hopes for?

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Watch the Lady


“For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds” – William Shakespeare, Sonnet 94.

Penelope Devereux is the most desired woman in Elizabeth’s court.

An infamous beauty, she is the Queen’s beloved goddaughter and favourite maid.

But things are not all as they appear. Scheming adulteress and enemy of state, Penelope is a marked women.

Robert Cecil, the Queen’s most trusted advisor, has vowed to destroy her family and he is not prepared to lose. But neither is Penelope.

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My Lady of Cleves

Henry VIII's often overlooked and underrepresented fourth wife brought to life in a fabulous recreation.

Henry VIII’s often overlooked and underrepresented fourth wife brought to life in a fabulous recreation.

Steady, unpretentious Anne never thought that she would be chosen. Surely he’d quite prefer her younger and much more vivacious sister, Amelia. But with a flick of Holbein’s brush, history and Anne’s fate are sealed…

Born in 1891, Margaret Campell Barnes grew up in the Victorian Sussex Countryside. Barnes wrote throughout her life publishing countless short stories, novels and poems.

Between 1944 and 1962, she turned her hand to historical fiction and wrote ten novels – many of them bestsellers, with over two million copies sold worldwide.

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The Queen’s Lady

A gripping tale of passion, faith and tragedy.

A gripping tale of passion, faith and tragedy.

May Day 1517, 7-year-old Honor Larke would remember this night forever. This was the night she watched two men die – one at peace, the other in abject terror.

The Queen’s Lady is the first of Barbara Kyle’s Thornleigh series which progressively documents the successive reign of the Tudor monarchs through the lives and struggles of the fictional family. Turbulent, fast-paced and original, this novel is a must read for all historical fiction fans!

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