The Witchfinder’s Sister


One man’s twisted crusade for justice and one woman’s race to stop him.

The year is 1645 and, like much of the country, the Civil War has riddled Essex with widows and death.

As social decorum decays, petty disputes turn to suspicion and frenzy.

Enter self-styled witchfinder Matthew Hopkins, a meticulous man aspiring to uphold order.

But, as the list of accusations and atrocities grows ever longer, his sister Alice senses something deeper is driving Matthew.

Something she must unravel before more innocents are sent to the noose.

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The Seeker


“Without order, there is nothing at all.”

When one of Cromwell’s loyal captains is found murdered outside his chambers, radical lawyer Elias Ellingworth is blamed.

After all, already a known threat for his public criticisms of the State, he was found over the corpse holding the knife.

The case appears closed. But not to Damian Seeker, Cromwell’s most feared agent.

Believing that the murderer still sits free among the diverse customers at Samuel Kent’s coffee house, Seeker is in a race against time.

For he cannot see a corruption of justice and he will not watch a seemingly innocent man hang.

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The Darling Strumpet

Based on a true tale of rags to riches.

Based on a true tale of rags to riches.

Dirty, hungry and bruised, 10-year-old Nell Glynn awakes in an alleyway following another one of her mother’s violent beatings. But this is no ordinary day, for today is May 29, 1660 – the day the King returns and Nell’s world will never be the same again.

From days of abject poverty peddling oysters on the streets of London, to the high-staked arms of Charles II. The popularly dubbed ‘darling of the people’ must first win her audience, as star of The King’s Playhouse, before she can conquer the man himself.

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