Daughter of Siena

A classic tale of romance.

A classic tale of romance and a sheer pleasure to curl up with.

Riders whip, horses foam and the roar of the crowd strangles all other sound of the piazza.

Two women look out from the crowd at the ten riders – both in hopeless resignation. Bound to the machiavellian son of a crime boss, there seems no escape for poor, innocent Pia.

And trapped behind her gilded palace walls and smothered by grief, Violante de’ Medici’s days as duchess are slipping from her grasp.

But as the hooves clatter in that miraculous Palio race of July 1723, both lives shall be turned irrevocably upside down.

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The Pale Assassin

Rebellion and romance in the shadow of revenge.

Rebellion and romance in the shadow of revenge.

Betrothed to a vengeful spymaster, who relishes nothing but her family’s blood, and hunted by baying revolutionaries – from the shadow of the guillotine Eugénie must run.

The Pale Assassin is the first of two novels written by author Patricia Elliott capturing the brutal French Revolution. The Pimpernelles Collection details Eugénie de Boncoeur’s transformation from spoilt, indifferent aristocrat to quit-thinking heroine.

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