The Courtesan


Five lives, many hardships and one very enjoyable read.

“I have come back to the Maple Bridge, Baba, to tell you the story that you asked me to tell you all those years ago, a story you have never heard before.

“I have come to tell you the affairs of my life. They are like five course of a banquet served up one after the other.

“The five tastes have come and gone: there has been spicy, sweet, and sour; there have been tastes that were bitter and salty, and often the tastes have blended together.

“Some have been hard to swallow. Others have been delicious. All have lingered.”

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Memoirs of a Geisha


Rich, sumptuous and terribly engrossing – no wonder it has become such a huge success!

When her beloved mother is overtaken by cancer, 9-year-old  Chiyo is sold to a prominent geisha house in Kyoto.

Far away from the poverty of her small fishing town, Chiyo must learn to master not only the demanding training but the jealous rivals that would see her destroyed.

Only then will she be free to seek her true destiny.

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