Empires in the Sun: The Struggle for the Mastery of Africa


In the mad scramble for power, what will be lost and what will be gained?

From the Algerian Conquest to South African Apartheid, witness the shaping of a continent that was bribed, bullied and dragged into subservience and fought for its independence.

Along the way, we will meet the unsung visionaries, opportunists, nationalists, liberals and oppressors who clambered to impose their will on African shores.

Eloquent and erudite, the narrator will take you deep into the heart of this African tale. A tale quite different, perhaps, from the glossy versions you have heard before.

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Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China


One of the first books to really give the world an insight into 20th century China.

Three women, three generations and one epic journey through time.

A grandmother, sold by her father to become a concubine to a warlord general.

A mother, who gave everything she had to fight for a better China with the Communist Party.

And a daughter, disillusioned by politics and desperate to break out into the world.

Over 80 years of Chinese history beautifully packaged and masterfully retold.

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Tudor: The Family Story


From 1437 to 1603, this masterpiece is literally the Holy Grail of all biographies!

Henry VIII and Elizabeth I – two of, certainly if not the most, iconic monarchs in British history.

Both father and daughter perhaps equally well-known for their marital choices – the father for having six spouses and the virgin daughter for having none at all.

And yet their stories only partly contribute to that of a dynasty that reigned almost 118 years, with five crowned kings and queens.

From their obscure ancestor who quite literally fell into a queen’s lap; to an unrelenting mother whose every move was to see her underdog son crowned; to the tragic fate of the ‘Nine Day Queen’ – this is the whole story and one well worth the time and trouble.

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The Scandalous Lady W


The elopement and trial that shook Georgian England to its core.

At just seventeen, Seymour Dorothy Fleming was a spirited and rich heiress.

The well travelled baronet, Sir Richard Worsley was handsome – with vast estates and a rising career in government.

Their marriage on September 15th 1775 should have been the stuff of dreams.

But instead it ended in nightmare.¬†And as one of the most high profile and shocking divorce cases in history…

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