Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China


One of the first books to really give the world an insight into 20th century China.

Three women, three generations and one epic journey through time.

A grandmother, sold by her father to become a concubine to a warlord general.

A mother, who gave everything she had to fight for a better China with the Communist Party.

And a daughter, disillusioned by politics and desperate to break out into the world.

Over 80 years of Chinese history beautifully packaged and masterfully retold.

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Tudor: The Family Story


From 1437 to 1603, this masterpiece is literally the Holy Grail of all biographies!

Henry VIII and Elizabeth I – two of, certainly if not the most, iconic monarchs in British history.

Both father and daughter perhaps equally well-known for their marital choices – the father for having six spouses and the virgin daughter for having none at all.

And yet their stories only partly contribute to that of a dynasty that reigned almost 118 years, with five crowned kings and queens.

From their obscure ancestor who quite literally fell into a queen’s lap; to an unrelenting mother whose every move was to see her underdog son crowned; to the tragic fate of the ‘Nine Day Queen’ – this is the whole story and one well worth the time and trouble.

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The Scandalous Lady W


The elopement and trial that shook Georgian England to its core.

At just seventeen, Seymour Dorothy Fleming was a spirited and rich heiress.

The well travelled baronet, Sir Richard Worsley was handsome – with vast estates and a rising career in government.

Their marriage on September 15th 1775 should have been the stuff of dreams.

But instead it ended in nightmare.¬†And as one of the most high profile and shocking divorce cases in history…

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