Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict

Simply good fun!

Simply good fun!

Having dumped her cheating fiancé, Courtney Stone finds solace in the arms of an even greater love – her Jane Austin novels. But after waking up trapped in a strange body in Regency England, Mr Darcy might be closer than she thinks.

Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict was author Laurie Viera Rigler’s first novel, which was six years in the making.

She has since written a sequel, Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict, which details Jane Mansfield’s alternative experience in modern LA.

Rigler is passionate about sharing her love of writing with others and currently teaches classes in storytelling technique at Vroman’s, Southern California’s oldest and largest independent bookstore.

Here I think she has managed to bring every Jane Austen fan’s dream to life in a brilliant and touching way.

Initially Courtney believes she dreaming and with the dashing Charles Edgeworth vying for her affections, who can blame her.

But despite the elaborate balls, dresses and Cinderella carriages, Courtney soon realises Regency England is not quite the glamourous dream she hoped it would be.

In fact, faced with complex social constraints, a battle axe of a mother and rancid Bath waters that leave her screaming, she wants nothing more than to go home.

Even worse is the notion that the boundaries between Jane’s life and her own are becoming increasingly blurred. Unclear memories start to solidify in her head, memories that are not her own.

Memories that tell her Edgeworth shouldn’t be trusted…

Simply great fun and strangely addictive, Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict is a very smooth and easy read, which is hard to put down.

A character you can easily love, Courtney is both believable and relatable. Her wit and fiery exchanges will leave you laughing out loud.

Outwardly the novel is light-hearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously. However, on reflection I believe there’s some quite poignant and simple messages it’s willing to teach to those prepared to listen.

Whether you are a Jane Austin fan or not, this little ray of sunshine is definitely worth a look to brighten up those rainy days.

A journey of self-discovery and acceptance, I can’t recommend this book enough to readers and have just ordered the sequel from Amazon.

Published by Bloomsbury (in UK), Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict retails at £7.99.


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